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Each week football pundits Mark Lawrenson and Paul Merson makes their predictions for the next round of EPL games. You can find a summary of Lawro's predictions for the 2016/17 season here, and Merson's here.

On this page I ask the question: if you had bet £1 on each of their predictions - betting on a home win, away win or draw (not the exact scoreline) - how much of a profit/loss would you have made since the beginning of the 2016/17 season?

This is obviously just a bit of fun. However, it also provides an interesting way of comparing their forecasting skill. The reward for making a correct 'easy' prediction (such as Man City beating Sunderland at home) is substantially less than the reward for a 'difficult' prediction (Sunderland defeating Man City at the Etihad, for example). Hence, their performance is dependent on their ability to correctly identify the upsets.

The results are shown below; i'll update them after each game week. If you'd like a more detailed analysis of Lawro's predictions covering the last five seasons, check out my blog post on this topic here.

Gameweek 34 (22nd-27th April 2017)

16/17 Season Summary

16/17 P&L tracker

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